1. VIDEO DADA VASWANI:  CHANGE  ATTITUDES & YOUR LIFE: Tap https://youtu.be/Jtk0HajK_M4        
Pain Relief: HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Tap Pain Relief  For mind-body self health care. And also try a pain control five minute video by Professor David Spiegel to amaze you
at Stanford University Medical School with a 45 minute lecture 
(word) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlFaIxTv1_w

Obesity:  Gently Resolved - Mind & Body Reframed (brochure) (word) (audio) (audio) (with 3 videos),  Feel slim and young again  with OGR (below) ... and reduce the risk of : Diabetes, Alzheimer and even child abuse. See the Special Harvard Medical School Report (in Research Section). And see 24 ways to lose weight without dieting in:


Self hypnoisis:  in 15 seconds with Professor Steven Luzern

Simple Living Simplified: 10 Things You Can Do Today  .Simplifying can sometimes be overwhelming. The amount of stuff you have in your life and the amount of things you have to do can be too big a mountain to tackle. But ...Simple Living Simplified: 10 Things You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life : zen habits



DHCM - Decisive health care meditation for resolving back pain and stress
(Word). When you believe you can do it.... you can do it!!!
AGL 51 - Alcohol Control for Young People
(Powerpoint ) (Word) - to motivate them to care!
Reinforce health care with a positive attitude to healing http://zenhabits.net/start/

Simple self hypnosis in five minutes (Powerpoint) (Word)

Video (15 minute) Practical Hypnosis Demonstration of Mind Body Care ( link)

OGR - Obesity Gently Resolved - Mind & Body Reframed  (concept) (brochure) (word) (audio) (audio) (3 videos in exhibits),  

New Amusing Political Health Care Story - EBS (word)

Healing for Breast Cancer can be Resolved  (audio) (word)   Personal Reinforcement Technique

Memory alert - repair your memory with simple exercise (word)

WHO Report Geneva June 2011 - Medical Hypnosis and Mind Body Healing - Dr M. Phillips (ppt)

DHI  Daily Health Instruction to achieve a healthy lifestyle instinctively  audio   ppt

Simple Self-hypnopsis for reinforcement of your health care (word, audio)

Basics of medical hypnosis ppt   a powerpoint presentation by experts

Manage your Bio-Computer (audio) (Word) pdf  A healthy body has to be controlled by the brain

Reframe your Attitudes (audio) (Word) (audio)  Change attitudes and change your life

YOGA - A guaranteed experienced for Pain Prevention & Control: (word) (word) Yoga and hypnosis work together.

DHI-Daily Health Induction to keep "Cool" (audio) (powerpoint)   Provides a simple daily health routine.

Overweight? The problem can be resolved at last (Word) (Audio) But only when the women decide to make it happen!

BCH-Brief Conversational Hypnosis in five minutes, not to help oneself, but to help others with gentle health Care Interaction (Word)

Death on Strike!! - Fear of death can be resolved (test) Passing on should be free (like 1984) quick and painless. Stop hanging about to worry the ones youn love.

Brief audios of hypnosis for stress and anger etc: http://www.fullhypnosis.com/2009/02/free-hypnosis-downloads.html Find the program that suits your attitudes.


 Justification of Hypnosis for WHO (word)

Primer Hypnosis - Volume 1 - pre-publication draft (word ).  Volume 2 - Clinical Hypnosis for Medical Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Workers (word).  Simple professional texts by international hypnosis authorities.

Brief GEMINI health care for children (word) Work with the child to to have a good healthy attitude.

GEMINI Health Care for Children 5-15 years: 5-7 (word), 8-11 (word), 12-15 (coming). More on the child attitudes which are the key to deheviour and good development.

Tapping for Pain & Anxiety Relief (word) Tapping diverts the mind from pain.

Hay-fever Problems Resolved (Audio) (word) Self control can be achieved to reinforcemdent medications.

All Allergy Problems can be Resolved (word) with mind body health care

Mind Spring Cleaning (word) Attitudes to be changed for a contented life.

Dental Care and Phobias can be Resolved (word) with mind body control

Young and Happy (Word) | Audio 1 (coming) Change attitudes and be happy

Old and Happy Too ( Audio )(Word)  Change attitudes and be happy

Mindfulness in 2012/7 - Decide for you, what is most important ... time?  people? or actions? (Audio)

Eye Alert - A brief Autogenic Training of Eye Excercise for Healthy Visual Improvemnent without Effort (Audio)  Just like the body, the eyes respond so well to exercise. Start today?



HIV Management (Word) (Powerpoint)  

AGL- Management of HIV/AIDS/TB in Business - with Powerpoint and Cases

(to follow)

TB Care - DOTS - (Dr. Steven Gurgevich) (Audio-english| french | german| word

 TB is still a danger in 2017. So be careful!!! Avoid dangerous contacts.


NEW AGL for Clinical Hypnosis - for acute & chronoic pain. Workpack, diary and guide (word (word) (word Justification (word)  Full draft (ppt). Hypnosis no accepted by Harvard and Stanford.

Video - Clinical Hypnosis - Brief comedy to promote hypnosis as a valuable health care reinforcement for WHO AND UNICEF (coming)

AGL - Primary Health Care Management (word) two day program on management skills.

AGL - Nutrition in Developing Countries (word) It is the key to a healthy lifestyle

AGL - Coping with Difficult Environments (word)  two day program to challenge you

AGL - Maternal-child Health (word) two day program

AGL- Management of Negotiation (See Research Section)

CRE - Basic Anatomy Training with Self-hypnosis ( audio | word) (zip) Just a summary of terms

Clinical Hypnosis Training (powerpoint)  Challenging expert powerpoint presentation.

Clinical Hypnosis for Pain & Anxiety (powerpoint) (powerpoint)Anxiety congtrolled with change of attitudes-



Communication in International Health - 2012 (word) (word) (pdf)

NURSES:  Pain Hypnosis Alert - A one day Program for Nurses & Other Health Staff -

IRT for rapid pain relief (word)

Personal Problems can be Resolved (Audio) Word - request

Memory Alert - A brief autogenic training of exercise for memory improvement word

AGL -Health Risk Appraisal (PL) (WP) (manual)(diary) ( report)

Re-view of Abortion & Euthanasia (word) Challenge to womenin 2017

Highly Effective Hypnosis Training from ISH 2004 which may be very helpful for aid workers in developing countries - Cochrane scientific validation, with research meta-analysis in process (zwordip)(ROSSI)

Reframe your mind (word). HEALTH CARE

Simple Self Hypnosis for Health Care Reinforcement - Dr Phillips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZtsNoYDxrc&feature=player_embedded

The power of consciousness with emotional control of mind body healing by Dr Bruce Lipton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYYXq1Ox4sk
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